The Energy in the Room.

Find an entrepreneur and you will find optimism and that is when the energy comes.

Find an entrepreneur and you will find optimism and that is when the energy comes.

You can feel the energy in a room full of energized people at a conference. You can feel it in the lecture hall and in the hallway outside the door. It will propagate from one person to the next, from one room to the next. It is conductive.

You can feel the energy on the inside. You can hear it in the voice of the speakers. You can see it on the faces of the attendees.

The speakers sense the real need in the audience. They adjust their talk accordingly and begin to deliver their message with earnest enthusiasm. The audience soaks up the speaker’s message eagerly, happily and with gusto because their needs are being met.

The feeling of this positive energy is, in a word, delightful.

This describes very well my feelings at the Podcast Movement 2014 conference that I attended this past weekend in Dallas, Texas. There was a long roster of dynamic and successful speakers from within the podcast industry. The audience numbered somewhere between five and six hundred spirited participants.

Everyone in attendance at the conference had a singular mindset – share, learn, grow.

I wish I could bottle that feeling. I wish I could give to you and everyone I know. The energy in the room was so upbeat, so refreshing, so exhilarating and so restorative the effects have yet to completely wear off. You know what? I don’t want them to. Not for a very long time for the reasons I have already mentioned.

The origin of this positive energy was clear to me from the outset. The conference was populated by entrepreneurs of every stripe. Although everyone had a different business plan, a different focus, different goals or varying amounts of expertise, we all seemed to share one overriding quality – eternal and effervescent optimism.

Find an entrepreneur and you will find optimism and that is when the energy comes. I think we should surround ourselves with entrepreneurs. Better yet, I think everyone should become an entrepreneur.

If you haven’t started this noble quest of continuous self-improvement and self-discovery, what are you waiting on? Who are you waiting on? The only one that need show up is you! The quest will provide you with everything else you need. But, you must begin.

If you have already started marching toward your purpose with passion then whatever you do, don’t stop. The world desperately needs your optimism, your energy and the results of your unique talents and abilities.

Share. Learn. Grow.

Written by

Clark Gaither, MD

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