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When Stop Means Go!

We have all heard this. I know I have. You are getting ready to embark on a new adventure, start a new business, learn something new, try something new, meet someone new, or begin a new project and them you hear it. It wells up inside of you. That still...

Is it courage or something else?

I have seen this happen many times and so have you. You someone get knocked down time after time but they keep getting back up, usually swinging. Then, one day they finally make it big. They win. Perhaps this has happened to you. Before that happens people on the sidelines...

The Energy in the Room.

You can feel the energy in a room full of energized people at a conference. You can feel it in the lecture hall and in the hallway outside the door. It will propagate from one person to the next, from one room to the next. It is conductive. You can...