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Physician Burnout: Part III

Physician burnout and other provider burnout is epidemic and getting worse but there are measures one can take to supersede its effects or aftermath. It is the single most important aspect in the prevention or treatment of burnout. It is absolutely essential to focus on this single aspect first before...

Physician Burnout: Part II

Stress can be healthy. In just the right amount it can serve to keep us on our toes, sharp, prepared and moving forward. So, why do so many people complain of on-the-job stress? If stress rises to the level of discomfort, what has actually caused people to complain is not...

Physician Burnout: Part I

Burnout is rapidly becoming a grave and epidemic problem for the nation’s doctors and ancillary healthcare providers. The consequences are severe for the providers and the communities they serve. Alcoholism, drug addiction and aberrant behaviors are just a few of the consequences of provider burnout. Initially published in 1981, the...